Cosplay Competition 13+ years



Cosplay competitions are about crafting! To be eligible for this category, a cosplayer has to meet the following requirements:

  1. Entrants must be the maker of at least 50% of the finished costume being worn. A work diary of images and creation notes to validate that the costume is the cosplayer’s own work must be available for presentation on judge’s request.
  2. The other 50% (or less) of the costume may comprise purchased items that cannot be made or substituted practically, including wigs, shoes and similar.
  3. Purchased items should comprise minor parts of the costume and be modified, altered or weathered to suit, their base origin should generally not be easily recognisable.
  4. All costume parts and props must meet the safety requirements as outlined in the CapriCon Weapons Policy.

Cosplayers can only enter once in their individual age category and once in the team category.

A cosplayer may not enter any category more than once.

Entrants must be 13 years and over at the time of CapriCon.


TOP COSPLAYER: Awarded to the cosplayer who best combines costume construction skills and their portrayal of the character being cosplayed.

Characters may be sourced from any suitable movie, TV or streaming series, comic book, card game or other suitable images or reference material. Custom characters are not permitted in this category.

TOP CRAFTER: Awarded to the cosplayer who provides the best demonstration of costume construction skills. There are no character eligibility rules for this category, mashups and custom characters are not only permitted, they’re encouraged!

TOP TEAM: Grab a friend or the family and suit up! Groups must comprise of two or more eligible cosplayers. While custom characters are permitted, please note that costumes within a group should generally be sourced from the same franchise or genre.

JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD: This is a special award open to all costumes submitted for entry, it has no set criteria and is awarded to the cosplayer the judges feel deserves recognition but isn’t quite at the level of the other categories. 


  • Execution – How well the costume is constructed.
  • Accuracy/Faithfulness – How close the costume was made to the source material. 
  • Complexity – How wide the range of skills used in the project, and the difficulty level of those techniques.
  • Creativity –  Design choices, thoughtful use of materials, ingenuity, personalized embellishments, etc


There are no online registrations for the Cosplay Competitions. Registrations will be taken on the day at the Merch & Info Desk in the Walter Pierce Pavilion between 9am and 12pm. 

We recommend registering as early as possible in case we reach maximum capacity for entrants.