Bexylum Art

Bexylum Art manga artist guest at CapriCon 2023

Well known in the Wide Bay Region for manga drawing, Bec McPherson teaches weekly classes and workshops to youth and adults.

Since she was young, Bec has always been found off drawing somewhere. Art has helped her cope with ongoing illnesses; Inspiring others to do the same. Her style is heavily influenced by the Japanese comic book style of Manga. 

Bexylum Art will be hosting a free Manga Drawing Workshop at CapriCon. 

Manga Basics: How to create your very own manga character!

Book here. 

What is Manga?

Manga is immersive storytelling through pictures, where images rule supreme. The Japanese characters for manga translate as 'pictures run riot' or 'pictures unbounded'. There is less reliance on text, and narrative is created through expressive line drawing along with the visual development of individual characters.