Medieval at Capricon

Capricon 2023 will enchant Rockhampton’s Showgrounds this September. Whether you love historical celebration or medieval fantasy, Capricon has something for everyone. Spend time in the Medieval Village, or try out your archery skills at Dodgebow. 

But Capricon isn’t your usual medieval fair. This pop-culture event combines cosplay, gaming, furries and creators. Mix genres, get creative and explore the wonderful world of Capricon!

Medieval Village

Immerse yourself in the all-day Medieval Village at Capricon. In the village, you can explore merchants tables selling various wares and food. Pick up a unique artisan piece or a prop for your costume. Don’t miss our variety of food vendors selling traditional options, as well as that much-needed latte. 

Dodgebow - Center Ring 

Imagine you’re in Sherwood Forest, or you’re a Sinda Elf on the battlefield beside Legolas. Dodgebow is your chance to harness your archery skills and defeat your opponents in epic battles of skill and agility. This fast-paced game will be running all day in the Center Ring of Capricon. 

Dodgebow’s safe foam-tipped arrows and low-poundage bows ensure a fun and painless experience - it’s a dynamic and enjoyable alternative to laser tag and paintball.

Dodgebow recommends a minimum age playing age of 10. 

What is provided? What to bring?

Dodgebow will provide all the equipment needed and set up the centre ring with a playing field. They will also be on hand to organise teams and provide a safety briefing and game instructions. 

Please bring enclosed shoes (no shoes, no play), comfortable clothes to run in, a bottle of water - and lots of enthusiasm!

Capricornia Dance Exchange

Dancing was a highlight of society in the Middle Ages and a perfect way to get involved with the medieval festivities at Capricon. Whether or not you consider yourself coordinated, the Capricornia Dance Exchange welcomes you to participate in their lively medieval dancing. Meet outside the admin office to learn the steps and join in carole!

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is an imaginative tabletop roleplay game perfect for medieval fantasy enthusiasts. Players create unique characters in this game and embark on epic adventures guided by a game master. Capricorn Tabletop will host a demonstration session of this game, which is exciting to watch and a great introduction to D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons encourages creativity, cooperation, and storytelling, offering endless possibilities in a fantasy world. There’s no fixed storyline - it’s designed to be flexible according to the players’ imaginations and choices. The Dungeon Master acts as a storyteller, guiding the players through obstacles, challenges and quests.