Creators capture the imagination, convey ideas, comment on society, help audiences dream, reflect and escape, bring joy and invoke suspense. The term ‘creators’ is broad and captures many different art forms and artists. But at CapriCon Rockhampton, we’ll explore comic artists, fantasy and sci-fi artists, film and television creators and writers.

Types of creators

Comic Artists

Comic books may invoke stereotypical images of superheroes, Star Wars, dark villains, and alternate universes, but the world of comics is as diverse as the people that create them. 

Comic books can range from short 16-page stories to entire graphic novels exploring themes as far-reaching as: 

  • social commentary

  • race

  • history

  • horror

  • sci-fi

  • romance

  • fantasy

  • comedy

  • what it means to be human. 

Whether to make you laugh, cry, search your soul or be gripped with adrenaline-filled intrigue, the overarching comic book niche is to convey a story through sequential art. However, artists’ styles have adapted throughout history, with modern approaches ranging from anime to the golden superheroes era and everything in between.  

From Simpson Comics to the Marvel Universe, comic book artists create unique and beautiful worlds for readers to escape into and meet timeless and iconic characters.

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Artists

From dark and moody scenes of deep space to a brightly coloured alternate ending to Little Red Riding Hood, fantasy and sci-fi artists know how to create highly-detailed and captivating fiction art. Often futuristic, off-planet, in another universe or in a fictitious place, these artists transport people to realities outside their own. Fantasy and Sci-Fi artists characteristically create intricate work, embedding interesting details for the observant viewer. The subgenres can range from humour, romance, action, horror, comedy and more. 

Fantasy art draws inspiration from mythology, folklore and religion worldwide and throughout history. With such a broad scope of inspiration, fantasy artists’ styles range from flat perspective art with muted colours and iconography that heralds back to traditional Chinese paintings, to children’s storybook scenes with nods to nostalgia, all the way to vivid otherworldly depictions rich in depth, colour and texture. Dragons, wizards, geishas, flying whales and Harry Potter, you’ll find all the limits tested within this fanciful art genre. 

Rather than transport you to a dreamy and unrealistic world, sci-fi art has something eerily familiar about it. Often set in a futuristic or dystopian society, true sci-fi has a scientific premise at its core. Elements of advanced technology mix with remarkably human features, creating interesting and compelling pictures. Sci-fi artists create scenes that feel both relatable and fantastic.  

Film and Television

Film and television artists use cinematography or animation to tell stories, convey ideas, evoke feelings and make statements. While mainstream TV series and blockbuster films are commonly known for this art form, artists use film for various projects, including documentaries, propaganda, short films, and indie films. 

Themes, sound, dialogue, cinematography and lighting are all essential elements to the style of a film. Each aspect works simultaneously, and adjustments to just one element can dramatically change the audience’s experience. This multifaceted art form gives film-makers lots of opportunities for creative expression. Film and television genres are extensive, but the main fiction genres include action, comedy, adventure, drama, horror, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, historical and crime. 

Writers and Creators

While some creators use visual imagery or sound, writers captivate audiences with engaging language, gripping plotlines, memorable characters and poignant thoughts. There are many writing forms and styles, including:

  • short stories

  • poetry

  • novels

  • TV and film scripts

  • plays. 

Throughout history, story has been a primary art form of humanity. It has been used to capture our history, convey a moral or a message, light up the imagination or connect with the deepest parts of the soul. Writing genres common at conventions like Capricon Rockhampton include science fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror, speculative fiction, dystopian fiction, comedy and young adult fiction. However, the full spectrum of writing genres, fiction and non-fiction, is almost limitless as writers often combine different genres to create unique pieces of written art.  

Getting involved as a creator

If you’re a budding creative, here are some tips for diving into this captivating world and welcoming community. 

Research, explore, imagine

There are many art types, styles and genres, so if you’re a new creator, it could be overwhelming to decide where to get involved. A great place to start is researching different art and artists online. Take note of the styles that capture your attention repeatedly and their genre. What can you easily spend lots of time looking at, and what stimulates your imagination? Also, consider your personality in the process. Do you prefer to have a touch of reality mixed with the unusual? Maybe sci-fi is for you. Or perhaps you don’t like to be limited to one frame and want to convey a story, then comics would be a great place to start. If art feels limiting to all the words you want to convey, you may be a budding writer. 

Start simple

Don’t be intimidated by the experienced artists you see at conventions and online - everyone has to start somewhere, and there are countless educational tools to get you started. You can use free tutorial videos, paid platforms, local workshops or conventions to begin honing your craft. Trying a few different types of art is a great way to get a feel for what you want to pursue.  

Go to conventions and meet ups

Meeting and interacting with inclusive, welcoming creator communities is where the fun really begins. There’ll often be events in different local areas and capital cities - and if you’re able to get to Capricon in Rockhampton, you’ll be warmly welcomed.

These events offer perfect opportunities to meet artists, learn new techniques, take home some inspiring art and make new friends who share your interests. 

What creator-focused events and competitions are there in Australia? 

Oz Comic-Con - welcomes fans of all ages, interests and pop-obsessions with a truly immersive experience across two fun-filled days, also held in most state capitals annually.

Supernova  - a convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy film and TV, comic books, anime, gaming and collectables, with an event in most state capitals annually.

Collector Con - 350+ trading tables provide fans with the opportunity to get their hands on all their favourite collectables as well as cosplay competitions, Dungeons & Dragons adventures, fan groups and author meet and greets. 

SciFiIdea Dyson Sphere - this Singapore based writing competition science fiction writers from around the world enter with $20,000 prize money each for 10 winners and the opportunity to be published. 

St Kilda Film Festival - this is one of Australia’s longest running, and more prestigious short film festivals and is an Academy Awards® qualifying event.

Flickerfest Short Film Festival - this is an international film festival held in Sydney, also an Academy Awards® qualifying event.