Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pre-register?

There are no online registrations this year. Registrations will be taken on the day at the Merch & Info Desk in the Walter Pierce Pavilion between 9am and 12pm. 

We recommend registering early in the event we reach maximum capacity for entrants. 

What do I need to do on the day?

You will need to head to the Walter Pierce Pavilion Merch & Info Desk to register for the Cosplay Competition. Registrations close at midday.

The CapriCon Event Team will give you details for the competition Marshalling Point which you must report to 30 minutes before the start of the competition. When marshalling begins, please listen carefully to and cooperate with the CapriCon Event Team so the competition judging can start on time.

On stage you will be given the opportunity to walk on and pose while the MC announces your entry. A professional photographer will be taking photos so please strike your pose and wait for the photographer to take your photo before leaving the stage. If you are taking too long on stage the MC will call out the next entrant.

If I don’t agree with the judge’s decision, what can I do?

The judges’ decision is final. The judges do not need to disclose how they arrived at their decision. Please remember to have fun and not take things too seriously.

What if my costume breaks on the day?

CapriCon has a Cosplay Repair Station which can be found in the Walter Pierce Pavilion. The skilled team from the Cosplay Repair Guild will be able to assess and help you repair your costume, give you advice, and get you back out and enjoying the event as quickly as possible. It is also recommended that you bring along any items you think you might require for a cosplay mishap during the event in case the Repair Station doesn’t have what you need.

What about bought costumes?

For the Open Competition unfortunately you won’t be eligible to participate. We prefer it if you make your costume yourself or if a bought costume has been significantly altered. Remember entering the Cosplay Competition is something you can work towards by improving your skills and experience each year. 

More questions? 

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