Furries are welcome at Capricon 2023. Whether you turn up in a full fursuit, or part of one, come as a fursona or just enjoy being around furries, the furry community is accepting and encouraging. Enjoy browsing the artwork, join in a game, and meet up with like minded furries.

What is a furry?

A furry is someone who enjoys anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human qualities. This can include anything from enjoying cartoons and movies with talking animals to creating their own furry character, known as a fursona. Furries come from all walks of life and have a wide range of interests. 

Some furries are artists who create furry art, while others enjoy writing furry stories or role-playing as their fursonas. There are also many furries who enjoy attending furry conventions like Capricon, where they can meet other furries and participate in fursuiting - wearing simple or elaborate costumes depicting their animal.

Types of Furries


Furries who create furry art, such as drawings, paintings, or sculptures. Many artists use conventions to displaoy their work and trade with fans.

Writers and Illustrators

Furries who enjoy writing or illustrating furry stories, comics, role-plays and more, either fiction or nonfiction.


People who actively support and promote the works of fellow furries. It’s not necessary to be a fursuiter to be a furry fan.


Furries who invent a ‘fursona’, and then take part in role-playing as their fursonas in online or in-person games. A fursona can characterise a known fictional character, or can be entirely made up as a representation of the person.


Furries who enjoy wearing fursuits - costumes depicting their animal. Costumes can be as simple as paws, ears and tail or as complex and expensive as desired - even stretching to animatronics and high level crafting or materials. Fursuiters sometimes have a handler to to be their extra eyes and ears, and to assist them to navigate events.


Furries or furry fans who enjoy attending furry conventions, where they can meet other furries and participate in activities like fursuiting, panels, and workshops.

The furry community is founded on principles of inclusivity and acceptance. As a space that values creativity and camaraderie, it welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and fosters an environment of respect and friendship. Embracing the myriad expressions of creativity, the furry subculture continues to thrive and inspire its members to explore the limitless realms of imagination.

Getting Involved

If you’re curious to find out more about furry fandom, there’s lots of ideas out there. Perhaps you had a favourite animal toy as a child and you imagined role-playing as that animal, but with human characteristics? Perhaps you know someone with an awesome fursuit that looks like fun to try? 

Research, explore, imagine

Look into what’s available online or in libraries to learn more about furries. Watch some videos and talk to anyone you know who also likes furries to get an understanding of what it’s about. 

Start simple

if you have an interest in drawing or writing of any sort, there’s a world of furry imagination out there to explore as a good place to start. You may also like to join a local community. There’s no requirement to have your own costume - many just like to hang out with friends who are also furry fans.

Go to conventions or meetups

Furry conventions are the biggest and most popular events in the furry fandom. They can be a one-day event or last for several days and feature a wide variety of activities, such as fursuiting, panels, workshops, gaming, and socializing.

Furry meetups are smaller events that are held on a more regular basis. They are a great way to meet other furries in your area and participate in activities that you enjoy.

Capricon 2023 is partnering with FurDu, and guest fursuiter SkyeHigh will be running several of our panel discussions. 

What furry events and conventions are there around Australia?

FurDU - Furry Down Under, also known for the 2024 event as ‘The Foundation For Uncharted Realms & Distant Universes’ convention is held annually over three days at the Gold Coast. It’s the largest and most well attended convention in Australia and has a packed program to suit all furries, fans and dealers. 

Aurawra - Sydney’s furry convention whose motto stands as “For the community, by the community” to give not just local furs, but those interstate and even internationally a great space to enjoy being part of the fandom. It is a three day ticket to good fun, with good friends, in a great space.

FurJam - Sydney’s ‘not-a-convention’ group hosts public events designed for networking and chill social occasions around the city. There’s no dealers or sales, but all are welcome to register for an event and meet up with friends and like-minded furries.

Respecting Furries

Capricon is known for its welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere, where everyone can relax and be their best selves. Just like the do’s and don’t for cosplay, furry etiquette is all about respect, non-judgement and staying outside personal boundaries. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the ground rules:

Furries Guidelines

Costume does not mean Consent 

This is the most well-known ground rule for cosplay, and definitely for furries. When furries get together, it’s essential that people feel safe and respected. 

So no matter how awesome someone looks, it is never okay to invade someone’s personal space or touch their person or costume or props. While that furry suit may look adorable and huggable, you must obtain consent before any physical contact, as some may be uncomfortable being photographed or hugged or touched in any way.

Photo sniping

Taking a photo of another photographer’s set up, at a distance or close-up, is disrespectful to the photographer and the cosplayer. Photos happen all the time, of course, but just wait your turn, and ask permission before snapping away. You’ll get a better shot that way too!

Intruding on privacy

Not everyone comes to Capricon to interact or have photos taken by people they don’t know. They might want to stay well under the radar. And that’s quite okay. So if it’s a ‘no’ when you ask for a photo, don’t keep asking.

Realise that furries can need more ‘downtime’ than other cosplayers, so give them space - and offer to help if they need it.

Inappropriate photos 

Capricon is not the place for inappropriate photos. Or for catching furries out of character or in a weird shot. Be kind, and aim to take outstanding pictures with consent only, and when the furry is looking pawesome!

For furries in particular, remember that fursuits are often heavy, hot and awkward to wear. So taking off a helmet or part of a fursuit to cool down for a while is okay, and encouraged.

No judgement zone

Capricon is inclusive and welcoming. If you’re thinking something negative about someone else’s furry representation, no one needs to hear it! Many furries are just starting out, and it takes courage and effort to step out in public. So don’t be that person who crushes someone’s dream character.

No costume or prop handling

Some furries invest heavily in time and money for their costume and props. So any touching without specific permission is not welcomed. It’s fine to admire craftsmanship - from a distance.

Weapons Policy 

For everyone’s safety, Capricon enforces a strong weapons policy. So when you’re planning your outfit and props, check out the limitations of what you’ll be able to bring onto the Capricon site. 

Read the full details here.