Furries at CapriCon

Capricon Rockhampton will be buzzing with all things furry in 2023. We welcome fursuiters and furry fans alike. 

Must-see furry events include panels featuring our guest fursuiter, SkyeHigh from FurDU and Cosplay for Competition with Creature Creations and Costumes and Zerebin. You can also pick up some hints and tips in Capricon’s workshops for creating dif-fur-rent costumes, as well as hearing from authors and illustrators.

Furry Suppliers

Don’t miss a stroll through the trade booths where you can meet artists, see displays, and find vendors selling furry accessories, art and more.


There’s an unofficial Capricon meet-up just for Fursuiters scheduled for 9.30am, so come and have fun with fellow furries (while the weather is cool!). Of course, if your character is part of one of the DC, Marvel, Disney or other multiverses, you’re totally welcome to meet up with like-minded characters and make some new fur-riends! 

See the program for the 2023 group meetups and head over to the Rotunda (check the map in the app for location) to join any meetup.