Cosplay at CapriCon

CapriCon 2024 takes over at the Rockhampton Showgrounds from the opening minute at 9.00am through to 7.00pm. The program features something for everyone, and activities to thrill, amuse and create all things cosplay all day long:

  • Learn from our expert panels, join in meet ups, hang out for featured presenters at main stage, play DodgeBow or attend Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy. 

  • If entertainment and relaxing are your vibe, check out cultural dancing, professional wrestling displays, live music and the booth area. 

  • For the young CapriCon attendees, there’ll be all day craft stations, free face painting, Wii Just Dance tournaments and tabletop games.

Cosplay meet ups

Meet ups are your opportunity to meet friends old and new who’re also fans of a certain type of cosplay. Get hints and tips, share fandom and join in a group photo at the Showgrounds Rotunda at CapriCon this year. Meet like-minded cosplayers costumed as: 

  • Anime Meet Up
  • Gaming Meet Up
  • Barbie Meet Up
  • Star Wars Meet Up
  • Marvel Meet Up
  • Disney Meet Up
  • DC Meet Up
  • Fursuiter Meet Up
  • Horror Meet Up

Rockhampton Photography Club will be available at the Rotunda to capture photos. 

Cosplay competitions 

At CapriCon 2024, we invite you to join in one of the fun cosplay competitions. There’s a category to suit everyone! It’s all about showcasing your costume construction skills and how you represent your character. We’re ready to applaud each and every effort!

Cosplay competitions

Cosplay photo zones


We’ve set up themed areas for you to take your own photos in these areas:

  • Barbie Box (it’s a literal Barbie Box that you can step into)  


Professional photographer Wezzy Cruze will be running a complimentary photobooth where you can strike a pose and get your digital copy sent to your phone same day. 


Free photos taken by volunteer photographers from the Rockhampton Photography Club will be located in the Rotunda for Cosplay Meet Ups.  Photos will be shared on the CapriCon Facebook after the event.


Volunteer photographers and professional photographers will be moving around throughout the event. You may be asked to pose for photos that will be used for future event marketing.


You may be asked about your cosplay on camera or what you love most about CapriCon. These will be used to promote CapriCon on social media after the event.


The Rockhampton Regional Council (Council) will be photographing, filming or otherwise recording the 2024 CapriCon event at the Rockhampton Showgrounds (the Event). It may not be possible for our photographer and videographer to obtain every person’s express consent, and your consent may be implied, particularly for staged, group, or participation related images and footage.

Images and recordings of the Event may be used, published or reproduced by Council, in any form (in whole or in part) and by any medium, including but not limited to newspapers, magazines, brochures, television advertisements, websites and social media to promote, publicise and report on the Event.

If you do not want your image recorded or published, please notify our photographer or videographer, a CapriCon staff member or email

Cosplay Repair Service

The Cosplay Repair Guild is an organisation dedicated to providing free repairs to cosplays at any event we attend. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our sense of fun! If you've had that little bingle in the lunch line, or your stitching has come undone, or you're JUST about to head onto stage and it's all gone horribly wrong... then come on over and we'll get you going again! We always like to see new and different cosplays, so even if you don't have something for us to do, come on over and have a chat with us. We'd love to see you!

Meet the team: 


I'm the Guildmaster of our motley crew. I've been doing repairs for as long as I've been attending conventions. Like most Guild members, I'm something of a jack of all trades, but if I have a specialty, I do seem to repair an awful lot of shoes!


I have been doing repairs on both costumes and props for a long time. In fact, you could say that I'm a professional at it! I'm good at thinking of out-of-the-box solutions for problems that can leave the others stumped. 

The Cosplay Repair Guild is located in the Walter Pierce Pavilion to help with your repair needs. 

Cosplay Maker Panels

The James Lawrence Pavilion  and the Walter Pierce Pavilion will both host Maker and Panel Stages with all day programs. 

CapriCon 2024 is proud to welcome nationally renowned cosplay makers to share their expertise and experience with our attendees. Stay tuned for 2024 guest announcements.