Gaming at Capricon

Word-nerd gamer? Obsessed with VR? Love old-school games? Dexterity, deck-builder or co-op your gaming style? The Gaming Zone at Capricon 2023 has you covered. Join us for all the fun - everyone is welcome.

Tabletop gaming

At Capricon 2023, gaming hosts Capricorn Tabletop are pulling out all the stops to bring an array of free tabletop games for the whole family to enjoy. 

Games range from 15 minutes to multi-hour tactical strategy games. Most games are suitable for ages 12 and up and require some reading and numeracy.

Whether you’re an experienced gamer or would like to learn a new game, the gaming area at Walter Pierce Pavilion is the place to be from 9.15am to 8.00pm. 

There’ll be a range of games set out for anyone to sit down and enjoy with a group, or if you need a little help getting started, there are also organised games with helpful volunteers on hand to explain how to play and offer suggestions on games to suit your interests.

Tabletop gaming ground rules

  1. Please treat the games with respect.

  2. Please keep them in the pavilion.

  3. Please pack them up after use.

  4. Please keep food and drink away from gaming tables.

What is provided?

There will be organised games at set times throughout the day. You can sign up with friends, or alone, whichever suits you. Please drop by the Tabletop Zone in the Walter Pierce Pavilion and sign up for only one session per game to allow as many as possible to have a turn.

Everything you need to play is provided for you. Just bring yourself and your imagination. You’ll find:

  • A friendly and open venue for gaming

  • A growing library of board games

  • A sizeable collection of miniatures gaming terrain

  • Bottled water, soft drinks, chocolates and snacks available for purchase to support the club

Tabletop Game Demonstrations

Interested in games, but not sure where to start? Always been interested in Dungeons & Dragons, but never had a chance? Want to support some local game designers? Capricon 2023 is your opportunity to watch some of the best show how it’s done. 

Sign up for yourself or with friends for some of our Organised Games throughout CapriCon. Please sign up for only one session per game to allow other gamers to experience the fun.

Video Games

We are excited to welcome comedian Harry Jun, host of ABC’s Gamer Youtube Channel to Capricon 2023. Harry will bring the fun about all things gaming. This will be your opportunity to pick Harry’s brain about video games, so don’t miss his presentation. While we won't have video gaming on-site for licensing reasons, this presentation promises to have everyone in the room laughing and learning.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR gaming is hosted at CapriCon 2023 by Virtual World. 

At the James Lawrence Pavilion A all day. All ages up to 5.00pm, then MA15+ only.

Wii ‘Just Dance’ Tournament

We will be running a Just Dance competition this year. No competition details confirmed as yet. 

At Walter Pierce Pavilion



Discover the thrill of Dodgebow, a combat archery sport that combines the excitement of paintball and archery without any paint involved. If you've ever been curious about archery or shooting games, now's your chance to join in the action in the centre ring all day at Capricon 2023!

Dodgebow’s safe foam-tipped arrows and low-poundage bows ensure a fun and painless experience - it’s a dynamic and enjoyable alternative to laser tag and paintball. Dodgebow recommends a minimum age playing age of 10.

What is provided? What to bring?

Dodgebow will provide all the equipment needed, and will set up the centre ring with a playing field. They will also be on hand to organise teams and provide a safety briefing and game instructions. 

Please bring enclosed shoes (no shoes, no play), comfortable clothes to run in, a bottle of water - and loads of enthusiasm!

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is an imaginative tabletop role-playing game where players create unique characters and embark on epic adventures guided by a game master. Capricorn Tabletop will host a demonstration session of this game - a firm favourite of every generation.

Dungeons & Dragons, better known as D&D, encourages creativity, cooperation, and storytelling, offering endless possibilities in a world of fantasy. There’s no fixed storyline - it’s designed to be flexible according to the players’ imaginations and choices. The Dungeon Master acts as a storyteller, guiding the players through obstacles, challenges and quests.