Warren Duxbury | Agro

Warren Duxbury Guest at CapriCon 2023

Warren Duxbury has worked extensively in the film and television arena, both in Australia and the UK. After working as a puppeteer at Sydney’s Foxtel production facility he was reassigned to FOX Studios to work on Star WarsEpisode II Attack of the Clones, as part of the combined Droid and Creature Department. Warren was involved with the shooting of some key scenes that ended up on the “cutting-room floor” - including the actual covering of See-threepio (C-3PO) by Natalie Portman's character, Padme.

A self-confessed "Star Wars fan” , Warren was lucky enough to appear on screen, as two different characters in the film, playing a Quarren Senator Aide and a “Pacithhip species” called Ketwol. He was 3D digitally scanned on set and even has his own action figure!

The Muppets trained puppeteer (with Henson's Creature Shop UK) has had various roles, both in Australia and overseas, working as a puppeteer and puppet builder for various children's television productions - including Foxtel’s pre-school show FUNHOUSE and re-building the iconic Aussie character, Agro for Channel Seven Productions.